Skinners Real Customer Stories

These are real stories about customers who bought Skinners Helmet Covers. I thought I would share just a few of my favorites.

"You Just Saved My Marriage"

A guy came into my Skinners booth in Laughlin and told me that he and his wife had been arguing about buying a new helmet for their 10 year old son. His son had been wearing a Harley Davidson helmet that cost around $175 brand new. The little boy had dropped the helmet many times leaving dents and big scratches. He would always take the helmet off and put it on the motorcycle seat where it would slide off and hit the pavement. The helmet had so many scratches and looked so ugly that his son did not want to wear the helmet anymore and wanted a new one. The guy told his wife he didn't want to pay another $175 for a new helmet just so his son could do the same thing. He felt it was just a waste of money so the argument with his wife ensued. He finally gave in (as most men do) and came to the Laughlin Rally to perhaps buy a good used Harley Davidson helmet to appease his wife and son but he wasn't spending nearly that much for a helmet. While looking around for a good deal he came across my Skinners Helmet Cover booth. He thought I was selling helmets because I had about 40 or so on display with Skinners on them. I told him they were helmet covers for just $15 a piece. He asked me if I had any for the Harley Davidson helmets and I showed him what I had. I actually had the same $175 Harley Davidson helmet that his son was using. I showed him a few Skinners and he bought three. One American Flag Skinner, one G.I. Camo Skinner and one Desert Storm Camo Skinner. His son loved army stuff. For $45 he felt like he just bought 3 new helmets. The best part was that his son could continue to wear the great quality and safety of the Harley Davidson helmet he already had and now it had a protective cover. Dropping the helmet off the motorcycle seat was no longer a concern. He shook my hand and said "Hey Man You Just Saved My Marriage".

"It Ain't Gonna Work !"

A couple of years ago I received a phone call from a woman in Georgia who was retired. Her and her husband both had motorcycles and loved riding them. She came across my website and thought that the helmet covers were a great idea. She showed the website to her husband and told him she was going to buy a few of them (women like to change it up). Her husband looked at her and said "It ain't gonna work!" How can a helmet cover stay on a helmet going over 100 mph? "It's impossible". She told him that she read the website and it said that they were tested at speeds over 100 mph and there was a 30 day money back guarantee. He told her she was making a mistake. The helmet cover would not stay on and she would never see a refund. After arguing for a while she decided to prove her husband wrong. She called the 800 number I had on the website at the time and spoke with me. I told her who I was and that I was the guy who created Skinners. I also told her that I had personally tested the Skinners at 110 mph. After we talked for a few minutes she told me she trusted me and wanted to buy 4 of them. She bought the Leopard Fur, and 3 other faux fur Skinners which I don't remember. I took her order over the phone and sent her the Skinners she ordered. Two weeks went by and she called me again. It took me a minute to figure out who she was but then I remembered her. My first thought was that she didn't get her Skinners yet but I was wrong. She called to say "Thank You!" She went on to tell me what happened after she ordered her Skinners by phone. Her husband had ridiculed her about being gullible and naive. She told me she was worried about the Skinners staying on the helmet. If they didn't stay on her husband would never let her forget about it. She wanted to prove him wrong and let him know he wasn't a "Know It All". She said that the Skinners arrived in few days and she tried them on her helmet. She said they "Fit Like a Glove...Perfect!" She went on to say she needed to test them so she got on her motorcycle to go for a ride. She said it was a very windy day and thought this would be the perfect test. If the helmet cover could stay on today they would never come off. She told me she got her bike up to 80 mph and when the wind blew her whole bike would sway. "The Skinner did not move an inch!" she said. She was amazed and relieved that it stayed on at that speed on a really windy day. She said "Paul...Thank you for making such a great product!" Most products over promise and under deliver but yours was perfect. She told me as she hung up the phone that this one was in her "Win Column" and that her husband doesn't know everything.

"The Magic Trick"

A woman came into my booth at the Las Vegas Bike Fest. She was looking for a cheap helmet. She saw all the helmets I had hanging with the Skinners on them and ask me how much the helmets cost. I told her that I don't sell helmets only helmet covers. It took her a minute to realize these were removable covers on helmets not manufactured fabric covered helmets. I quickly showed her how the Skinner comes off and goes on. The look on her face was like she just saw a magic trick. She couldn't believe they were covers because they fit so skin tight. It's funny how most people first envision a "shower cap" fit or "couch cover or car cover" fit when you tell them about helmet covers. I explained to her that Skinners are tailored made for each of the different helmet types. A Jockey Skinner cannot fit on a German Helmet and vice versa. She was amazed. She went on to tell me that she was looking to buy a new helmet but didn't want to spend a lot of money for it. She said that she found a nice one at a great price but the color was burgundy. She figured that's why the price was so cheap. I asked her what type of helmet it was and she wasn't sure. I showed her my wall banner for the helmets that I make Skinners for and she pointed to the HCI Helmet with no visor. I then showed her the helmet that I had there and she said "That's the one". I told her she could buy the cheap, wrong colored helmet and just put a Skinner on it. Nobody would know our little secret. She left the booth and came back a few minutes later with an ugly burgundy helmet. Don't get me wrong. I like burgundy but this was a dark burnt burgundy which probably didn't match many bikes, hence the reduced price. She handed the helmet to me with her hands shaking. She told me that there were no refunds for the helmet and she hoped the Skinner would fit. She didn't want to get stuck wearing the burgundy helmet. She selected the "Red Cheetah Faux Fur Skinner" as she paid me. I handed her the Skinner and her helmet back. She said she was nervous and wanted me to put it on for her. I told her it was easy but she insisted that I do it for her. I unwrapped the Skinner from the packaging and in 2 seconds I put her new Skinner on. Again I got that "Magic Trick" look on her face. She said "Wow! .. That is amazing!" It really does freak people out when you take a Skinner out of a package and put it on a helmet that they have been wearing for months and sometimes years and in just a few seconds make it look like a brand new different helmet. The woman gave me a big hug and said "This is going to be big" and left my booth staring at her new helmet. No sooner did she get outside the booth into the sunlight when another lady biker was walking past. She stopped and asked the woman "Where did you get that helmet?" The woman smiled and did the "Magic Trick" by showing the lady that it was just a helmet cover. They both stopped and looked as the woman pointed into my booth where the magic began. She shook the lady's hand and gave me a wave goodbye as the lady biker was walking into my booth. She was hooked on Skinners as well. It was good weekend at the Las Vegas Bike Fest.

"I Got A Rock"

A hardcore biker walked into my booth and said a few choice curse words as he entered, which I won't repeat here. He looked at me and said he wasn't talking about me. He was just pissed off about his helmet that he had in his hand. He was just walking by when he looked into my booth and saw the Skinners. He just had his German helmet custom airbrushed for about $200. It was real nice. It had a huge flaming eagle on the front with wings that were on fire and wrapped around the sides. It was very cool except for the huge scratch right down the front center of the helmet. It looked like a meteor strike. He told me he was riding his bike in the canyons when a rock bounced up off the road and hit him right on his helmet totally screwing up the new paint job he only had for a couple of days. He said "If only I had a helmet cover". The rock would have just bounced off. No helmet cover can replace a bad ass airbrushed paint job on a helmet but then again it all goes to hell with one rock. He ended up buying a Skinner to cover the rock damage. He was tired of telling and reliving the moment when he lost $200 bucks on a rock.

There are a lot more stories from meeting customers but you get the point.

Paul Stokes
President / CEO
Skinners Helmet Covers


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