October 19, 2018

Quick Lesson About Helmets

What is DOT and What is a DOT Helmet?

DOT stands for Department Of Transportation (DOT).

A DOT helmet is a helmet that is certified by the manufacturer to meet the standards set by the Department Of Transportation as a safe and protective helmet at the time the helmet was made. The Department Of Transportation does not inspect or approve the helmets. As long as the helmets are made and certified up to the standards set by the DOT they can be classified as DOT helmets.

What are Novelty Helmets?

In a nutshell, Novelty helmets are helmets that do not meet the DOT standards to be classified as a DOT helmet.

What is the difference between Novelty helmets and DOT helmets ?

Novelty helmets tend to be much smaller and lighter than DOT helmets. They usually have less padding on the inside as well less protection built into the helmet overall. Novelty helmets have a smaller profile which makes them look much cooler than their DOT counterpart. For example the DOT German is much bigger and bulkier than the Novelty German helmet which is why the Novelty German helmet looks much better. Novelty helmets usually cost a lot less than DOT helmets.

Which type of helmet should you use?

That is a personal preference. DOT = Higher Price & Safety. Novelty = Lower Price & Cool Factor.

Skinners Helmet Covers make Skinners for both DOT Helmets and Novelty Helmets.


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